Sacrifice Theory

Hear one thousand screams. Hear one thousand voices. A solitary echo. Feel one thousand pains, but one is receiving a bloody invitation. Do you want to feel the warmth? To taste the life flow? Feel one thousand lost sinking into soft skin. Ingest rejuvenation. One to consume, one to renew. Demanded invitation. I offer grace, I offer blood. I offer everything till my heart is crystal clear. Do you want to feel the warmth? To taste the life? I want to taste the life to taste the life flow.

There is a rumour going around the AFI Official Message Board that this song is about erm…fellatio, oral sex, you know; getting head. Think about it: 'ingest rejuvenation', 'taste the life'. Scary shit huh? Hahaha, make of it what you will. Joking aside, the clear interpretation for this song to me is relating to AFI performing live.
Posted by: Steve

Yeah, i heard about it being about oral sex on the message board..pretty funny. But I think it's about how he is at his concerts. If you've ever seen AFI live, then you know that they have one of the best on stage shows ever. "hear one thousand screams, hear one thousand voices, a solitary echo feel one thousand pains, but one is receiving a bloody invitation" all the people cheering, singing, and screaming and the voices blend into one echo. one thousand pains is for all those people that have felt the emotional hurt that he has, but he is the one running the show. The second verse to the end of the song i think is about how he absorbs all this energy "sinking into soft skin" and that he just pours out as much as he can, he gives it his all, every show, for the whole show. "i offer everything til my heart is crystal clear" the life flow i believe is about the flow of energy from the crowd to him and back out to the crowd. he feeds off of their energy and explodes into the madman he is on stage and the energy just cycles through.
Posted by: Brion Cantrell

hey. i just wanted to email you about the interpretations of sacrifice theory on your page. i could be wrong but to me the lyrics scream vampirism.
life flow = blood stream
injest rejuvination = drinking blood
there's some other lines too that i'll leave up to you read the lyrics again with that in mind and you might agree with me. i'm also fairly sure that there's a song on black sails about the same theme. might be exsanguination (which literally means to drain the body of blood) but i might have my tracks confused.
Posted by: Jeff

I think, and this may sound kind of sick, but I think it's about him being raped. I think in the beginning he feels left out, like he is the only one going through this. Then, he realizes that a lot of other people are going through this (Hear One thousand screams). In the chorus, I think he is speaking to everyone else going through this, and he asks them, "Do You want to feel the warmth, to taste the life flow"? The interlude in the middle, I think he's talking to God, and he says To God, "I offer grace, I offer blood, I offer everything until my heart is crystal clear". And then, finally at the end, he says "I want to taste the life flow", which means "I want to be renewed again".
From: Greg B