I saw a star beneath the stairs glowing through the melting walls. Who will be the first to begin their fall? Or will we become one? Am I the star beneath the stairs? Am I a ghost upon the stage? Am I your anything? I saw a star beneath the stairs glowing bright before descent and in the morning there is nothing left but what's inside of me. And I don't want to die tonight; will you believe in me? And I don't want to fall into the light. Will you wish upon? Will you walk upon me? I don't want to die tonight. Will you.

Morningstar means the Devil. Infact, black metal band Entombed have just brought out an album with said title. The meaning of the ghost upon the stage has already been mentioned in The Days of the Phoenix interpretation. I have little idea about the other lines but I would love for people to give me their ideas.
Posted by: Steve

Like you said Morningstar is the devil. I think this is a song about after Lucifer brought war on heaven and God. According to religion, he lost the war. I think this song is supposed to be from the perspective of an angel he fought on Lucifer's side. And the star he is seeing beneath the stairs is Lucifer himself. The stairs being the stairway to heaven. The melting walls being the flames hell is made of. Who will be the first to begin their fall could mean who of the angels who fought for Lucifer will fall into hell as apart of their punishment. Or will we become one would mean or will god forgive us and let us stay in heaven. from her i think the song switches point of views. Now i think it is Lucifer talking. Am i the star beneath the stairs? is Lucifer asking himself is he the one being punished, am i the ghost upon the stage? is Lucifer asking is he now the one who God holds dearly (the one upon the stage, stage because the stage is the center of attention, it is higher up above everyone for a reason), not jesus anymore (the ghost), am i your anything? is Lucifer asking, am i your anything?, does he mean anything to god anymore. Now Lucifer is telling of maybe an out of body experience seeing his own fall from grace, how proud he was, how bright his light shined before he was banished to hell, And the morning after, there was nothing left to him, he was bitter, no longer proud, just plain, and angry at himself, at everything. But what's inside of me, simply meaning memories. And now he is crying out that he doesn't want to die, not tonight, and he is asking someone, perhaps God, maybe Jesus do believe in him, to let him stay. He doesn't want to fall into the light, hell's fire. will you wish upon me? will you walk upon me? I think this is Lucifer asking himself will the angels that followed him into the fight still want them to be his ruler, perhaps to march on heaven once again. Will you walk upon me is asking, or will they spit on him, treat him as nothing, dtest him for losing the war, hold him responsible for them being banished to such a horrible place.

You said that morningstar means the devil. i think davey is afraid of melting away with the walls ("or will we become one"). but he also says that the star is descending ("glowing bright before descent") and asks if he is the star. so i think davey is afraid of "melting" or a "descent" ("i dont want to die tonight") and he can be saved by the belief of the people ("will you believe in me"). so, in general, i think the song is about fears of death and other things. i dont know if this is a good interpretation, but i tried to combine my view with the things you wrote, that helped me. if you want to overtake my interpretation or parts of it just help yourself. and if my english is bad thats because i am german student (16 years) and my teacher sucks.
Posted by: ‘STROSE’

Yes, that's another word for the devil and whatnot. and as the lyrics go, I believe it's about Davey looking down on himself, trying to figure out who he is "am i the star beneath the stairs?.." during his crisis. I think that he is seeing himself as the star beneath the stairs with everything falling down around that i mean that he thinks that regardless of how brightly he shines, everything seems to mess up. "who will be the first to begin their fall? or will we become one?" And the relation to the title is that he doesn't want to fall away from what he believes to be good, he doesn't want to turn his back on what he loves and that he wants to stay; much like the opposite of what Lucifer did.
Posted by: Brion

I see everyone has put the Devil as the main thoughts in this song, and it could be. Davey, however, is very intelligent and could have actually been referring to Jesus. Though, not many people want to hear that but in the Bible Jesus is also referred to as the morning star, as is Satan. So not taking away the idea of it being about the devil, just giving some further insight on the question at hand. Also, it would make more sense only because the stairs i believe refer to the stairs to heaven. Also he questions "who will be the first to begin their fall, " which i decipher as he is questioning his faith. Will Christianity fall, is that the right road? or does he have the right road. he is also says "am i the star beneath the stairs" which i think means is he the one that is under the stairs that he see's...or is it a higher power. The only other logical reason i would even mention Jesus is because he talks of "I saw a star beneath the stairs glowing bright before descent and in the morning there is nothing left but what's inside of me"...i refer to this only because of the mere fact that the devil or satan wouldnt decend. In actuallity Jesus is the only one to decend or ascend for that matter.
Posted by: Kathleen N

I think in this song, Davey tries to tell everyone that looks can be deceiving. "A ghost upon the stage" means a how a person looks from outside, or his outer beauty, which everyone can see....and "A star beneath the stairs" means a person's inner beauty, which is hidden beneath the stairs and no one could see it. As we all know that a lot of peaople make fun of how Davey looks, so i'm guessing Davey wants to tell people that don't be mislead by the looks. "Am i your anything?" = How do you look at me? -- As a star beneath the stairs or the ghost upon the stage? I don't's just my interpretation. =)
Posted by: Harshizzle

I've been reading a lot of these interpretations online recently, after awhile of mulling them over in my head. I've noticed that a lot of these interpretations seem half right. For example, Mourningstar is not entirely about Lucifer and his descent to hell. It is a common poetic device to use a story and apply it to your life and parallel the similarities. The song is not truly about Lucifer at all. It is about Davey and he is comparing his situation to that of Lucifer's, although it is in a much more vague, metaphorical sense. It is a song for all those who have identity problems and never seem to be able to satisfy anyone. I also noticed that there was no interpretation for Of Greetings and Goodbyes. The song is clearly about dreams and some person that Davey sees in his dreams and cannot have because, well, this person is in his dreams.
Posted by: DarknessinSorrow