Malleus Maleficarum

Open my eyes as I submerge and I won't deny what I've been since birth. I'll die drowned by your standards. Breathe in the life of the summmer's death as the orange and red breathe their first breath, so welcome as they're burning through. We all begin to burn. Autumn's flame dance's in my eyes Set alight for all we've learned. My ashes falling. My skin is singed but it heals my heart and with glowing pride I'll wear my scars. I'm honored by your hatred. Leaves fall we arise again, and the end impending, it will begin. So welcome as it's burning through. Ashes fall and I'm rising up again. Ashes fall. Ashes fall. Ashes fall as we all arise.

The literal translation is bad hammer.What it actually is, is the Witches Hammer. It was the ledger used in Puritanical days to determine whether or not someone was a witch. It also provided "just" punishment for the accused. - Davey Havok

Malleus Maleficarum refers to witch trials. Once you know this, it is quite easy to see that Dave is using it as a metaphor to show his feelings. Malleus has a strong meaning to me about not being able to live up to peoples expectations and also trying too hard to please others without being happy within yourself. “I’ll die drowned by your standards” It carries ideas from the last songs. The first is that peoples negatives opinions of Dave only strengthen him further. “With growing pride I’ll wear my scars. I’m honoured by your hatred” I am a little confused about the second part of the song. I think it could possibly be about him not choosing to believe in a god or a religion. “Set alight for all we’ve learned”
Posted by: Steve

Malleus Maleficarum is a book that Davey read about the oppression and killing of pagans and wiccans by the catholic churc..the "set alight for all i've learned". I think that's basically saying "set on fire for not being catholic or christian". As you probably know, witches were burned at the stake because they were Wiccan (which is what davey is)..
Posted by: Brion Cantrell