Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight

We are the ones with the radiating eyes. We are the ones who have a fire inside. We are the ones only we can recognize. We've been rejected - suffered the ignorance, suffered the selfishness, been pushed so far down now comes o ur time to surface. Turn from the light, that made them all go blind. We've been protected. All arise to what we bring, outstretched hands, unfolded wings.

"We are the ones with the radiating eyes"
Our eyes are shining bright, we can see things clearly as they really are.
"We are the ones who have a fire inside."
I've read somewhere that the phrase "a fire inside"means that you have something to say. In today's terms, it would be like saying you have something to get off your chest so in this line Davey may be saying that he has something to say or a point he's trying to make. I have always thought of "a fire inside" as saying that you have passion though.
"We are the ones only we can recognize"
The lyrics here are saying that people who aren't like them don't really know what is inside them or what they feel like; only the others like them truly know.
"We've been rejected"
Pretty straightforward here. Just saying that they have been rejected or cast out of something possibly mainstream society.
"Suffered the ignorance, suffered the selfishness"
Again I think this goes back to society. Society to many people is thought of as being ignorant and selfish and Davey is saying that he has made it though all the ignorance and selfishness that society has thrown at him.
"Been pushed so far down now comes our time to surface."
This line is saying that they have put up with so much from society ("pushed so far down") that they have to do something (our time to surface).
"Turn from the light, that made them all go blind. "
Here I think it is saying that the first thing that must be done is to learn from the others' mistakes. Something must have caused society to be this way and that's what must be avoided.
"We've been protected."
Something has been watching over us and keep us going (our fire inside)
"All arise to what we bring"
Sounds like a wake up call to me. Davey seems to be saying, "come with us and see what we have to offer"
"Outstretched hands, unfolded wings."
Outstretched hands seems to be saying that they have waiting for others to grab their hands and come with them. Unfolded wings is saying that they are ready to live this cruel society and start a new one for themselves.
"We've hurt ourselves, and I feel the sting of broken hearts and burning wings... "
Saying we as a society have caused our problems and are feeling the effects of our actions now.
Posted by: ' the punk rock king'