I Wanna Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)

I may be ten years old but I still know what's up. I wear my Cramps shirt almost every single day. I want to sag my pants. I want to pogo dance, but mom won't let me so I might just run away. I wanna ride my skate. I wanna stay out late. I want a mohawk but mom won't let me get one. I wanna go to shows. Don't wanna pierce my nose. I want a mohawk but mom won't let me get one. I may be in fourth grade, but I know what's going on. I listen to the Misfits almost every single day. Don't want to take a nap. I want a TV tat, but mom won't let me so I might just disobey.

(exert from blacksummer.com)
Andrew- This is kind of a different question. I heard this in a video a long time ago, and maybe you can verify this. I heard that "Mohawk" about your little brother.
Davey- Yeah, it is about my brother.
Andrew- Is that the reason that it's the only "silly" song that remains in your set?
Davey- I don't know. I think about that every once in a while.
Andrew- Because there are other songs on that record that I like too, I guess you could say.
Davey- There are some other songs on that record that I wouldn't mind playing. That, along with the rest of the songs on that album are so old, and we've been playing them for so long...
Andrew- It's a tired issue
Davey- Yeah, you know what I mean? I'd like to play "Rizzo In The Box." I'd like to play "Ny-Quil." But yeah, that one is about my little brother, which makes it a little less painful for me to play.
Andrew- Was he really like that as a little kid?
Davey- He was very young. With the lyrics, is it "ten years old"? Do you know?
Andrew- Yeah.
Davey- Well, when it was initially written he was eight years old. I changed it to ten years old two years later to keep up with the times. But now, sixteen doesn't make any sense.