Welcome the whole new pain and take comfort in what you've become. I waved as I passed myself along the way. I have arrived so unashamed but my reflection no longer seems the same. It seems much dimmer now.…. it seems so dim. Just stumble and fall into a world that's over crowded. And you will find me. Won't recognize me; and I won't recognize myself. I've arrived so unashamed, but all my senses no longer seem the same. I can sense everything. My sight's so clear. In an instant,, my life just slipped away, I fought for life, the whole time you were holding me down. You watched me dying. Holding me down, you brought my rebirth.

Yes, someone who has been exsanguinated has been drained of their blood. I don't really like to discuss the meanings of my lyrics. I like to allow people to draw their own meanings from my songs and I feel that if I reveal what the songs mean to me, it may sway peoples interpretations in a way that does not allow them to relate to the words on their own level. I must say that I'm very impressed with some of the interpretations I''ve seen on the main EBHC page. It makes me feel so good that there are some people who actually read my lyrics, and what's more, actually think about them. - Davey Havok

This song has a similar theme to the last (Porphyria), in the way that it again involves feeling like an outsider and out of place.
“Just stumble and fall into a world that’s overcrowded” “It seems much dimmer now…..it seems so dim”

There is also a feeling of a transformation within the song. I believe that what has happened is that all the time Dave has been made to feel rejected and hurt. It has turned him into a much better and stronger person for it.
“I waved as a passed myself along the way”
“Holding me down, you bought my rebirth”
Posted by: Steve

"i've waved as i passed myself along the way" here it seems that he is stating that he has changed and the old is gone. with any new change a person usually gets scrutinized and more "pain" comes with it, which davey seems to state when he says "welcome the whole new pain..." it also seems that the change is for the better so with all the bad that comes with it is worth it. this can be seen when he states "..and take comfort in all you've become." "just stumble and fall into a world thats overcrowded and you wont find me, recognize me..." this goes back to a reacurring theme in many of the songs in that he feels misplaced and unlike most people. "you watched me dying holding me down" it seems that he feels, like a lot of people, that no one has any concern for his well being. the standards set in this world don't seem to fit some people and the ones who don't fit often times get pushed on the outside. "you brought my rebirth" here i think that he is saying that the change has made him stronger. that the abuse dealt out by the people that fit have done the exact opposite, and made him stronger. like many afi songs this has a feeling of not belonging, but change is another big theme, perhaps the main theme. the song deals with what comes with change and what caused it perhaps.
Posted by: Stephen Robling

My own interpretation of the song. I always thought of it as being about vampires, ie the whole 'drained of blood' thing, plus, it explains the "my reflection no longer looks the same, it seems much dimmer now..." as well as "all my senses no longer seem the same, I can sense everything, my sight's so clear" Apart from that I agree with your interpretations.
Posted by: Kisa