New Look AFI Song Meanings goes live

Thanks to everyone for your patience. The new site has finally gone up. The old site was clearly needing an update due to the release of newest album Decemberunderground. You will also find the new site to be much more cross-browser friendly. Basically, you should be able to view the site in Firefox, IE or whatever and pretty much at most resolutions now, which I know was a bit of a problem with the old site. I also apologise to all the people emailing me asking about the lack of updates. I was in Canada for the past year and haven't been able to.

I hope that you enjoy the new site and find it to be an improvement. Please note that the focus of the site is on discussing AFI lyrics. If you need Biography, Discography or anything like that, check out the links section. Please also note that this is a fansite, I cannot get you in touch with AFI.

Anyway, onto the important business of the song interpretations. There are loads of new ones to be posted since the last update. Of course, we are still very keen for you to send in your song interpretations, in particular any for Decemberunderground. The email address is still

Posted by Steve 07/08/2007